Clearing Your Mental Clutter

Aug 19, 2013 by

Clearing Your Mental Clutter

Pay attention to your inner voices – do they create anxiety and agitation? Try slowing your mind down and separating each dialogue and listen to everything it has to say. You will notice that some of these voices have been with you for many years, maybe even since childhood. Some of these voices are probably introjects – things others have told you about yourself which you have incorporated into the narrative upon which your self image is based. In order to be in tune with your true nature, you need to clear the clutter from your mind so that you can maintain a state of flow unhindered by the voices within you that keep you stuck.

Clearing mental clutter includes putting a halt to worrying, which definitely drains your energy and is most often a fruitless endeavor; stop criticizing and judging others as this creates negative energy and we usually do not have enough facts to accurately judge another person; stop complaining and blaming as this disempowers you because you are making someone or something else responsible for your situation or feelings; clear your mind of needless and pointless mental chatter by being more mindful; complete tasks as they present themselves and do not put things off and procrastinate; communicate better by being more contemplative and by being a better listener; and finally, do not over commit yourself and learn to set good boundaries.

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