Happiness and Negativity

Mar 12, 2013 by

We all imagine that if we are more positive in our thoughts and deeds, we will be happier, but this is not necessarily true.  Certainly focusing on, or at least acknowledging, the bright side of things is more uplifting to our spirits than wallowing in darkness and pain, but happiness is not achieved through a denial of our suffering.  We think that we are supposed to be happy and if we are not, there is something wrong with us.  The fact is, we cannot be happy all the time because happiness, like sadness, is a transitory state.  It is only through acceptance that we can achieve a state of inner piece.  We must accept our suffering; we must accept that there is much in our lives that we cannot control; we must not fight the truth of our own existence.  We can, however, be kind and gracious and honorable and we can stand up for ourselves and do the right thing. 

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