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If you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression and lethargy during the winter months) DO NOT TAKE ANTIDEPRESSANTS.  Why? Because there are other things you can do to cope with these symptoms, such as:

  • Spend more time outdoors, especially on sunny days.
  • Exercise to boost your energy levels.
  • Don’t oversleep.  Get on a sleep schedule that allows you to be awake as much as possible during the sunlight hours.
  • Plan vacations to bright, sunny climates in winter.
  • Brighten your home by adding lamps and lighting fixtures and open all window coverings during the day.

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  1. Royal Cannon

    Once regarded skeptically by the experts, seasonal affective disorder, SAD for short, is now well established. Epidemiological studies estimate that its prevalence in the adult population ranges from 1.4 percent (Florida) to 9.7 percent (New Hampshire). Researchers have noted a similarity between SAD symptoms and seasonal changes in other mammals, particularly those that sensibly pass the dark winter hibernating in a warm hole. Animals have brain circuits that sense day length and control the timing of seasonal behavior…’-‘

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