About Me

  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice in Denver, Colorado since January, 2002.  I received my B.A. in Mass Communications from the University of Denver and my M.A. in Psychology from Regis University.   I have been trained as a gestalt therapist above and beyond masters and licensure training but I use an eclectic approach.  I am familiar with CBT, DBT, MBSR and other popular techniques.  I use an integral approach with my clients, which includes integration of experience and consciousness as well as brain functions.  This approach allows my clients to develop insight and understanding of themselves and others; it helps them expand their awareness of what is going on in their bodies — related to emotions and physiological responses; it helps my clients pay attention to their thoughts and beliefs, some of which may be causing undue suffering or stuckness; it allows my clients to be objective about their experiences and to be more accepting and less judgmental of themselves, others, and things they have no power to change.  What can be changed, in this case, is our perceptions, thoughts, attitudes and perspectives, giving one a sense of wellbeing and mastery over their lives.